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The Mime’s Back

The curtain’s pulled open, the window wiped clean. What mischief might the rusted Parisian building be planning for the pensive mime who neglects to share her coins?

Awning Speak

Many secrets being told here if you speak awning.

Pillar Pom-Poms

The Vikings wore pom-poms. Why shouldn’t a grand old pillar splash it up now and then?

The Winner Is

These Cinque Terre buildings are angling every which way, fighting to lure the attention of passing boaters. The lucky ones have owners who take the time to spruce up their paint. Who wins?

Root Canal

I hate the dentist.

Creepy Ivy

Friends or foes? Does this San Antonio home appreciate the ivy warming its walls and filling its windows, or is this one green swag too many?

The Bridge of Sighs

Imagine all of the shouts, cries and last-ditch schemes that ring around the walls of this 17th Century bridge that led convicts from free life to prison. What will these Venetian buildings do with all of the secrets they have collected?