31 Jul 2018

The Mannequins Of Norway

You can learn a lot about a town from its mannequins. Here are some great ones we saw driving through Norway.    

29 Jul 2018

Caribbean Days

Back in the day, you had to put on your driving hat to get a shot of Caribbean culture in Vancouver: Ebony Eyes hair salon on Kingsway, the Patty Shop on Macdonald, the Caribbean Market in New West. When the Caribbean Festival launched in 1988, it was a chance to

27 Jul 2018

Elderflower Liqueur

Not all artists swoon over elderflowers. Shakespeare did call them ‘the stinking Elder.’  But to many, the little white flowers that precede the fat purple berry bunches smell heavenly. In Victorian floral messaging, the elderflower was said to represent compassion, kindness, humility or zealousness. 17th Century Dutch still-life painters often

24 Jul 2018

Paint It Blue

‘Blue is the typical heavenly colour,’ Kandinsky wrote. ‘The ultimate feeling it creates is one of rest. When it sinks almost to black, it echoes a grief that is hardly human. When it rises towards white, a movement little suited to it, its appeal to men grows weaker and more

22 Jul 2018

The Engagement Rings

What is one spot, anywhere in the world, that you think would be particularly romantic for a proposal? In their 2018 analysis of 10,000 proposal hashtags, the UK’s hitched built their Top Ten proposal spots across the world. ~ ~ According to the Ingle & Rhode’s analysis of proposal hashtags and

20 Jul 2018

Neil Singh

i. I work at: Joseph Henry Workshop, maker of bespoke leather goods. By day, I am a User Experience/Interface Designer and Artist for a Vancouver based video game company and have done so for 14 years. Most of this work is done on the computer and results in something tangible after

17 Jul 2018

Brush to Plate

Your task is to come up with a recipe inspired by the 1919 Manly MacDonald painting above. On your marks, get set, bake! What did you dream up? Canadian Chef Craig Flinn looked to the same Canadian War Museum painting for inspiration. “My mother owns an orchard in Port Williams,

15 Jul 2018

Les Miz

As Jean Valjean sits alone in the candelight, dying, Cosette – the orphan he raised as his own, and Marius – her new husband – rush in.  ‘Cosette,’ Marius says, ‘your father is a saint.’ ‘When they wounded me He took me from the barricade Carried like a babe And

13 Jul 2018

The Golden Tree

As you make your way past the tangle of condos taking root at Cambie and Southwest Marine Drive, you’ll see it: a headless, hollow, golden tree. A 43 foot tall golden tree crafted from fiberglass and steel-reinforced resin. It is the result of 6,000 hours of work from renowned artist

10 Jul 2018

Melissa Yin

i. I work as a full time mom and fashion designer. ii. I do this creative work because: I love it. It’s my childhood dream. iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are: Make everything as perfect as possible, so I do my best to make my every single