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Not Today, Mr. Wolf

Huff and Puff all you want. This house isn’t going anywhere. And it doesn’t like the smell of turnips.

Party House

Keep it down over there. We’re trying to sleep.

Oh Where, Oh Where Can They Be?

I think they went down
To the building site,
To see what they could see.

Things That Go Bump

Vancouver’s Hycroft Mansion is said to have seven ghosts: original owner General Alexander Duncan Macrae, his dance-loving wife Blanche, three WW1 Veteran ‘Pranksters’, the Head Nurse from Hycroft’s hospital and morgue days, and the ‘Crying Man’ who wails from the basement. The final ghost is said to be Janet Smith, a Scottish nursemaid who was shot nearby.

The ghosts are reportedly friendly unless you are banging about their halls, filming sci-fi – here’s booing at you, X-Files. Film crews have recorded ghostly white figures, black orbs. The building itself is said to be complicit with lights that flash on and off, doors that open and slam, and an icy breeze that runs up the spine when the wrong person enters the wrong room.

Goat Yoga

Long before your trendy twentieth century barnyard zen, we buildings knew how to get our goat on.

Narrow Escape

Get a move on, little doggy. The walls are closing in.

Mood Roof

Don’t know what kind of mood I’m in? Look to the colour and state of the flowers on my roof.

Lay Low And Sing Small

If you can squeeze yourself into the wee doors, you won’t believe what you’ll find inside.


What’s the point of living on a fjord if you don’t have a view? If they won’t give us windows, we’ll make them ourselves.

Building Code

To the innocent eye, it looks like a jumble of signs upon signs. To those who know better, these patterns of letters, shadow and light are a map to safe passage and treasures well-hidden.

Heads Up

Are they trying to keep us out or are they trying to get out?

Small But Mighty

This little Danish boat hut may be tiny, but it has all the ropes. And it knows how to use them.