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Room With No View

Fake windows? Fake windows?! Find me the person who gave me fake windows.

Turn The Clock Back

When the right hands make the right turns, I’ll open the passage to a long-forgotten village. All peril to enemy fingers that find their way onto my wheel.

Home Sweet Home

She’s back! Loosen the door handle, plump up the couch, ready the fire.

Humble Headquarters

Who would suspect that all of our top-secret block messages funnel through this vine-filled lean-to?

Site Night

One night a year, deep into the night, the street lights will project blueprints of all the demolished buildings that used to stand proudly in the neighbourhood.

Seeing Red

Lay low, I said. Choose the green paint, I said. Now you’ve gone and made Mother mad.

I’m Done

Decade after decade, listening to you whine, staring at your face. No fun, no games. That’s it! I can’t take even one minute more.

Going To Bat

Sometimes the only thing you need is one person who sees your potential and is willing to take a chance on you.

But There’s Nothing There

Only those who are welcome can find a way in.

Bored Stiff

Good thing we like your crazy. The guy before you wasn’t so lucky.

On The Outs

Ugh. What does it take to be an indoor gargoyle?

None Shall Pass

They come with umbrellas, hammer drills, incantations, magic hats. But none of them will discover what’s on the other side of this wall.