30 Sep 2018

Henry Moore at Knife’s Edge

“I feel that I can best express myself, that I can best give outward form to certain inward feelings or ambitions by the manipulation of solid materials – wood, stone or metal.” So said Henry Moore at a 1952 address to the International Conference of Artists in Venice. “The problems

28 Sep 2018

Gabriola Apple Cider

1000 dwarf trees, 25 types of apples, Pacific Ocean breeze, and a long history of island craftmanship. It’s with these core ingredients that Ravenskill Orchards is carrying on a decades old tradition of creating small batch premium cider on Gabriola Island. In 2002, Keith and Marti MacKenzie started their heritage

25 Sep 2018

Dali + Picasso

As a young artist, Salvador Dali revered Pablo Picasso who was twenty three years his elder. In 1926, when Dali finally had the opportunity to meet his idol in Paris, he said: “When I arrived at Picasso’s on Rue de la Boétie, I was as deeply moved and as full

23 Sep 2018

Fred Herzog’s Vancouver

What strikes you about your hometown? It is interesting to look at a city through the eyes of its artists. And who better to supply the view than celebrated photographer Fred Herzog? Herzog was born in Germany, emigrating to Vancouver in 1953. He went on to careers in both fine and

21 Sep 2018

Splash 2018

If you want to learn more about the contemporary art scene in Vancouver, Splash 2018 is a great place to start. Now in its 36th year, Splash raises funds for Arts Umbrella  – a non profit art school for kids with quality classes in dance, visual, applied and media arts, theatre, music. Founded

18 Sep 2018

The Birds Of False Creek

Melanie Daniels: “I keep telling you, this isn’t a few birds! There are gulls, crows, swifts….!” Mrs Bundy, elderly ornithologist: “I have never known birds of different species to flock together. The very concept is unimaginable. Why, if that happened, we wouldn’t have a chance! How could we possibly hope

16 Sep 2018

Amy Slosky

If you head over to First Pick Handmade in the Main Street Heritage Hall today, you’ll find Amy Slosky, one of the talented artisans selling their creations. i. I work as a designer, shoemaker and founder of a small handmade shoe start-up. I design and make limited collections of ready to

14 Sep 2018

Shannon Mansion

‘Lanning’s thin cheeks quivered, “No, Quinn, no. There is nothing in the Rules of Robotics that makes any allowance for human guilt. A robot may not judge whether a human being deserves death. It is not for him to decide. He may not harm a human– variety skunk, or variety

11 Sep 2018

Chef Lew’s Enchanted Forest Tea

As tea fanatics, we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to get our fix. Add some sweets and we’re scraping at the door. How exciting, then, to see the incredibly creative Enchanted Forest Tea that Chef William Lew is serving at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver until November 18th. We

09 Sep 2018

Susin Nielsen

This week, public tickets go on sale for the 2018 Vancouver Writers Fest. With a $35 membership, you can get your tickets early. It’s an exciting line-up of authors that includes the award-laden Susin Nielsen who wrote for TV’s Degrassi Junior High before creating books like Word Nerd, Dear George Clooney: